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Traced_ @ bending
posted Aug 31, 16

We broke records this tournament! Thank you to all who participated. Brilashy did a great job hosting this, big thanks to her and the rest of the staff team who could make it!
Our tournaments are Bi-Monthly, you can expect the next one to be in November. Date to be announced.

Mystics New Masters are :

[EarthKing] Dadwise [FireQueen] wilowery
[WaterChief] Riomazing  [AirElder] Blisterine
[ChiMaster] DeathBlow_o3o

We are going to kick off our 1 year with new and exciting updates including a new promo video, fun activities and minigames!!!

Also check out our updated Page on Project Korra!

The Dance floor is all decorated up and ready to go! (By Smileyx)
Special Prizes were given out on Saturday September 3rd for our Summer Birthday Ball! Everyone got their dates and wardrobes ready for a treasure hunt, cool prizes and
dancing with Traced_ ;)

 Our new (Amazing) Youtuber MasterKael
recorded some of the SummerBirthdayBall!

Please subscribe to him and look for other MysticVideos to come your way!

I do apologize for the lag, it seems giving a server full of players free trails is not a good idea lol.


Bending Factions Finally Open
New to factions? Learn more here: MysticFactions

/bending then /warp factions

This is in development but you can begin exploring and growing your factions!
Soon we will have our faction and towny shops for bending up and running. In place now for you to earn money is /sell hand. These shops will be player based.

For your convenience there will be at bending /spawn a /sell hand dump sign, to throw your items away but still make some money.
Look for polls in forums for your feed back!

Towny Is now split from /Main and /Bending
The bending servers towny map /warp towny is new and you can finally begin your Bending towns!

Both town worlds have its updated members ranks to get your town members more involved.
Read more on: MysticTownyRanks

/warp arena

With the new Bending server in place we have been spending lots of time developing ways to make it endless entertainment for all of our players.
We have brought together a few more arenas for duel and updated a few of our current ones also.
New Group Duels!  /warp groupduel
You and up to 5 other team mates can fight against another team uninterrupted with our new group duel arena! We opened 3 arenas total so if one is full you can join another arena!
1v1 Duels   /warp duel
Don't like getting teamed in Multi?
Join our 1v1 for an uninterrupted battle! Good for practice for glory!

Free For All Arenas: /warp arena
Multi, Fire, Earth, Water, Air
These arenas are FFA. Please expect more than 1 player to charge at you at anytime. Spam, runners and other things are to get expected as well. This is where everyone goes to learn or experiment!

Please report all suspected hackers with /helpop


      1st:  King_Jokerr 100tokens
   2nd   Brilashy   50tokens
   3rd     Noldec    25tokens

Shout out to our top supporters!

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Immortal Noldec
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Legend Lawegic
Elite Tricortrap
Elite Miyuki_the_neko
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Coming Soon:
MiniGame Server
Next possible expansions (Pixelmon, FTB servers)